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I like to think up clever names for puppies that I may someday have. Over two years ago I came up with the name Sirius (the dog star and also Sirius Black for you H.P. fans) Wynn after seeing Steve Wynn's hotel/casino while it was being built in Las Vegas. I thought what a great play on words for a show dog name. I waited, not always too patiently, for a special boy to have this special name.

On April 11, 2007 my dear friends Amy Traufler and Donna Cron's girl Jetta (CH Matisse Irresisti-Bell) and Sande Abernathy's boy Chuckie (CH C and D's Sanden Spellbinder) produced a beautiful litter of four puppies ... it turned out that Wynn was one of them!

Donna made me an offer I couldn't (didn't want to) refuse and we now co-own this gorgeous baby boy. We are hoping for great things out of him, but right now he is just being a happy and ornery little boy. My heart sings when I look at him ... I can hardly believe he is here.

Matisse Sirius Wynn!

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8 months old

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