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You will hear among French Bulldog owners that
"you can't have just one frenchie".
Sure enough in 1999 we were blessed with a tiny flop eared baby girl,
once again from Shur-Paw's Kennel.
9/6/14 was Peach's 15th birthday

Sticking with the Nintendo theme, at ten weeks of age,
we brought home our Princess Peach.
The following week her ears sprang up and goodness what big ears she had to grow into!

She matured into an amazingly beautiful girl, both on the inside and the outside. She loves little children and most dogs alike, knowing to play gentle with the little ones and wildly with my son Dennis! As opposite as is possible from the calm demeanor of Yoshi, Peach entertains us with her wild antics.
She has taught me to look for the good times in every aspect of life and the appreciation of a nice nap.

Peach still has more stamina than a
Jack Russel and a love for toys and playing games that is beyond compare.
This girl just wants to have fun!

Peach on her 10th birthday 09/06/2009

3/18/15 - Our dear Aunt Peach died of renal failure.
She was 15.5 years old. We miss her terribly."

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