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Lacey went to the Rainbow Bridge Monday, 5/1/17
She will be missed

Lacey 8 months

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You should never say never!
For years I have followed my friends around to the dog shows, hanging out by the rings.

Applauding the winners, consoling the ones who didn't make the cut this time.

I must have told Donna Cron a hundred times that I had no interest in showing, thank you very much!

The seed had been planted but each time it would start to sprout I would squash it back.

Lacey's Pedigree

Then came January 2004 and once again it was Shirley Shultzman that placed temptation at my door, well actually on my computer screen! Her Missy (Shur-Paw's Miss America) who I had admired more than once, gave birth to the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. It took me a whole minute to claim her as mine and start down the path to the show ring I had swore I'd never enter.

This little beauty is my Shur-Paw's Scarlet Negligee,
we call her Lacey.
Full of spit and vinegar, with attitude and confidence to spare,
this is a frenchie that knows how to strut her stuff!

She hit my house at ten weeks of age and immediately had the other three kids eating out of her paw.
She made it quite clear that yes, she was small, but she didn't intend that to mean anyone was going to push her around. The other three accepted her right off (I think they figured they had no choice) and the transition from three to four could not have been any smoother.
For all her orneriness, Lacey also has a very sweet cuddly side too. She wants to snuggle up when she naps and will accept whoever is near to be her nap buddy.

Bright and curious, Lacey
has the confidence to try new things.

Mid-July 2004, Lacey made her show debut!
We are learning together and she is on her way.
There is no looking back for my little black faced beauty!

Lacey 8 months

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