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Tribute to our boy

On December 16, 2008, during a diagnostic myelogram, our dear Kirby had an adverse reaction and died.

The loss of our beloved Cartoon Boy has been devastating.
His comical antics and complete devotion to us
is missed beyond measure.

This link is a beautiful tribute put together by my friend
and a respected breeder of French Bulldogs in Canada,
Carol Gravestock, Bullmarket French Bulldogs.

All about our Kirby

There is nothing more healing
than a puppy.

That is what my friend Fran said.
Then she proceeded to line me up with just exactly what she decided I needed.

The theme carried on into 2002 when RB's Curbing a Heartache aka Kirby, arrived from Bill Schaefer (Rainbow's End French Bulldogs).

Turns out that Fran knew exactly what she was talking about.
This comical, brindle frenchie has the most endearing face and penetrating dark eyes; to me he is one of the most handsome French Bulldogs I know.   Admittedly, I am very prejudiced!
He is our "cartoon dog" and playing is serious business for Kirby, he has finally found the perfect playmate in our fourth frenchie. Although he is three years old now, his eternally baby heart pairs up perfectly with puppies

We laugh about him being "big boned",
although he started life as the runt of his litter,
he has grown to be quite a bully boy
with a massive head and shoulders.
But for all his size, he has such a sweet and gentle spirit.

He followed the two older dogs through basic obedience
where the first night he stopped the whole building
with his "uba uba uba" barks.
He has a language all his own with many noises
that would never be classified as "dog like".

The Graduate!

I guess partly because of his color, some because of his size,
mostly due to his breed; Kirby gets hot easily.
It only took showing him one time
that getting into the kiddy pool fixes him right up,
now he can't walk past it
without doing a belly flop for a quick cool down.

It is impossible to have a bad day when Kirby is around.
What a beautiful, funny and fabulous fellow he is!

Even though it looks like my lap is getting pretty full,
there is still room in my heart.

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